Why Smartphones are Popular for Gaming

 Why Smartphones are Popular for Gaming

Each month in the US there are estimated to be 159.1 million people who used their smartphone for online gaming during 2020. That number has risen compared to the previous year. There are several reasons for the increase.


Of course, Covid and the resulting lockdowns meant people couldn’t socialize in the ways to which they were accustomed. While many may have binge-watched their favorite box sets, others preferred to seek out different forms of entertainment. Online games can provide an excitement most TV shows lack. The games are fun, and the prospect of winning cash prizes adds to the thrill. 

There are a lot of sites available, and many new ones appear regularly, so it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best to use. Having more time than usual may have helped those who were doubtful, giving them time to investigate the sites and find one they felt comfortable using. Sites like UK Casino review determine which sites are most trustworthy. This helps players feel more confident when using their phones on unfamiliar sites.

The convenience of technology

With many restrictions now lifted, there could be a drop in the numbers using smartphones for gaming. Although, after having a chance to try out and learn first-hand about the convenience of smartphone gaming, many have realized how easy it is to play from their phones. Many of those who choose to stick to their smartphones for gaming may also tell their friends and family. Word of mouth is an effective way of getting new players to sign up to these sites from their phones. Thanks to the rise of information online, players can also find out more about gaming sites.

Younger people playing

In Canada and the US, more of the new smartphone players were in older age groups, but there was still a significant rise in younger age groups switching to or signing up for the first time to play online games. As this age group spends more time online, not just playing these games, but talking to friends and sharing their experiences on social media, this is more likely to be the group sharing their gaming experiences with others.

People leading busier lives

As life returns to a level of normalcy, some people are finding more of their day is taken up trying to make up for lost time. Smartphones are the one thing most of us carry everywhere with us. In the rare moments of inactivity, they allow us to catch up or unwind. One of the things which helps to unwind is playing games which require little or no thought. It’s important to take regular breaks from our busy lives and gaming on a smartphone provides an easy way to do that.

As smartphone technology improves further, the rise in player numbers may continue. Now that people have experienced or heard from their friends about the convenience and ease of use, even those who previously found casino games daunting or thought it wasn’t for them, can still find some appeal in playing from their phones.

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