What Tools Should Beginner Poker Players Use?

 What Tools Should Beginner Poker Players Use?

Playing poker online is not the same as in casinos. The online poker player has countless tools at their disposal to help them improve their overall poker game. Unfortunately, many beginners enter a game without any and are at the mercy of those using additional resources. If this sounds like you, read on as we’re going to share a few tools you can use to help you become a better poker player.

Strategy Guides

The first thing a beginner should have nearby when playing is some basic strategy guides. You don’t have to invest in loads of poker books and read them as you play. Most poker coaching sites offer a free Texas Hold’em Cheat Sheet. These are a great way to understand the fundamentals. They’ll tell you the types of hands you should play, the basic odds and other useful tips to help you play well.

Hand Charts

Poker hand charts are a great tool for ensuring you play the right types of hands. A common mistake beginners make is to overrate certain hands or not fully appreciate position by playing weaker hands. Hand charts an easy-to-use reference for beginners as they don’t have to think too hard before the flop. It’s a case of just looking at the chart and trying to be disciplined. They are easy poker tips to follow as it’s a simple yes or no when choosing to enter the pot or not.

Twitter Posts

Social media can actually be very useful for beginners when playing internet poker. Major gambling compines use social media as a way of sharing their promotions or ad campaigns. So, it can be used to take advantage of available bonuses. Secondly, major poker players like Negreanu and Polk are big on Twitter and share tidbits of strategy that players can use when playing online. Who knew that social media could help you become a better player?

Stat Tracking Software

Finally, the most obvious tool available for beginners is stat track software. There are around half a dozen decent software sites that offer players the ability to use poker heads up displays. These HUDs reveal stats on you and your opponents throughout a session. This can be invaluable as they can help you make important decisions. For instance, the percentage of hands people play is shared which basically informs you of the poker style they have. That’s important information as now you know whether to play trappy, aggressive or get out of their way.

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