The effect of Covid-19 on Singapore Online Casinos

Are Singapore Online Casinos surviving the pandemic?

Covid-19 is an unexpected, uninvited guest that turned the world upside down. More than 23.4 million people got affected and 809k of them succumbed to death at the time of writing this article. We saw how badly many industries are hit by the pandemic. But some industries like the online course industry have not just survived but thrived in this period.

Let’s try to analyze how Poker For Fun have been performed during this period. Let’s specifically consider Singapore Online casinos. The country’s economy depends mostly on tourism, especially on casino tourism. It will be interesting to study how the country’s infamous online casinos have been hit by the pandemic. Have they managed to survive? Or do they belong to the few thriving industries?

Online casinos in Singapore during the pandemic

Many studies have shown that Singapore Online Casinos belong to the few thriving industries. The industry is gaining maximum advantage out of the pandemic. We know how fun-loving Singaporeans are. They love taking part in fun-filled events involving risks.

The country is in lockdown and land-based casinos are all closed. The citizens are at their houses, most of them having many free hours a day. Online casinos offer them the best opportunity to have some fun and money while passing time.

Strategies to attract players

As part of Covid-19 promotions, many online casinos charm players with free credit. Weekly draws are made for different games offering attractive prizes. Online casinos further offer these players a wide variety of games. 4D, Toto, Roulette, and Poker are gaining popularity among the masses. If these are not enough, these casinos offer players signup bonuses and reload bonuses never heard of before. Players appear to be impressed by all the offers and spend significant time on these websites.

Player activity statistics     

Optimove is a firm that measures online gambling trends. Their most recent study has some interesting conclusions. Player activity in e-sports has seen a humongous 206% increase in April first week when compared to the first week of February. During the same period, player activity in online poker has increased by 60%, online casinos by 20%, and online bingo by 30%.

Capitalizing on the pandemic

Many online casinos are capitalizing on the pandemic. They even provide users an opportunity to bet on various corona statistics. This includes bets on the exact number of cases in the country. People also find interest in betting on whether the number will be even or odd, and the last digit of the number. Gambling on COVID statistics is not exclusive to Singapore. Many other countries in the world also have casinos offering bets on these numbers. These bets might sound insensitive. But the truth is that many people find no issue engaging in these bets.


Online casinos are doing all that they can to attract new gamblers and to retain old ones. The industry is making the maximum profit out of the situation. People have enjoyed the comfort and convenience of playing from their homes in an online casino. They will continue to remain loyal to these casinos even after the pandemic is over.

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Clare Louise