Smart Betting Options That You Need

 Smart Betting Options That You Need

We will not go into technical things here, the mind is still educated, you are not born with it strong or less strong and so you are doomed to stay for life.

Strictly related to our 카지노 사이트 subject, it is important to know how the players we bet on mentally are, if they can mentally resist the loss of some balls on their own service or some points they should have won, but they lost due to some childish mistakes.

And we will find out this about the mind by watching many matches of those in which we want to invest 10% of our monthly winnings in sports betting.

Playgrounds for tennis

In general, the surfaces on which tennis is played can be classified into hard or slow surfaces. Hard surfaces can be very common outdoors in North America or indoors, used during the winter, especially in European tournaments.

The Australian Open and US Open Grand Slam tournaments are played on the outdoor hard drive.

  • The grass, on which the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament is played, is also a fast surface, and the clay, on which the Paris-Roland Garros tournament is played, is the slowest surface.
  • There are players who somehow specialize in a certain area, for example the Spaniards and the South Americans are native clay players, and the North Americans (the best example being John Isner), hard.
  • It is known that Rafa Nadal is the undisputed king of slag, with the 11 Grand Slam tournaments won at Roland Garros.
  • Lately, however, we are dealing more and more with “all round players” tennis players, those who play well on all surfaces. 

The best example in this respect seems to me to be the Serb Nole Djokovic.  Before betting, I advise you to look for statistics for the matches played by each player, to find out what is his favorite surface, where he feels best, where he has the best results. 

Motivation of the tennis players you bet on

When analyzing a tennis match we must be very careful during the tennis players of the previous year (so we see if a player has some points in the ranking or not). In tennis we have a rather strange system of calculating the points that tennis players lose or gain after participating in a tournament. This system is related to the performances they obtained in the previous year.

Basically, a player is “obliged” to get at least the same results as the previous year in order not to lose points in the standings. It is said that the player has to “defend” his points. This should motivate him, not to lose points and not to go down in the rankings. Often, this pressure to defend the points has, however, opposite effects, inhibiting the players.


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