Most Effective Bets That You Can Count On to

 Most Effective Bets That You Can Count On to


It is advisable to bet on the sports and competitions that you know and understand. This is a continuous circle that keeps repeating itself.

  • The more often you bet on a competition, the more sense you will gain.
  • The more you understand a competition, the more likely you are to make a profit by betting on these matches.
  • The more profit you make, the more money you have to bet on new matches in this sport or competition.

In addition, it is important to bet on competitions that you know, because you are also aware of the latest developments. Think of injuries, suspensions or illnesses. This allows you to predict much better what a team can achieve in a round of play.

Betting on favorites

A favorite can often be found with a bet. A big advantage of a favorite is of course that you have a greater chance that you will win the bet. A disadvantage is that the odds are lower in many cases. Still, it can certainly pay off to bet on the favorite.

In several years, studies have been conducted as to whether it is advisable to bet on the favorites. In both the years 2018-2019 and 2013-2014, the favorite won in about 60% of the cases. In addition, in those matches, a draw was played in 21% of the cases. In such cases, if you bet on a win game or a tie with the favorite, the chance that you will win is about 80%. In these cases, betting on the favorite is certainly advisable. From  you can get the best options now for these bets.

Weather conditions

Of course the weather influences the results of the match. In England you often hear the statement “but can he do it on a rainy night in Stoke?”. With this, the English want to indicate that the weather can have a lot of influence on the course of the match. For example, in the field of football matches, a lot of research has been done into the influence of weather conditions.

  • For example, it has been determined that much less is scored in bad weather. There is no direct reason for this, but it is thought that it is due to the deteriorated field, poorer mental state and a lot of rain. If you see bad weather when betting on matches, this can certainly affect the game. This is also the case, for example, in cycling races with a lot of wind or slipperiness. It is therefore important for each sport to see what the influence of the weather can be.

What is in any case clear is that the weather affects the functioning of the body. This can be seen in the signals sent to the body from the brain. Research shows, for example, that the brain sends signals to the body less quickly when people are cold. This extends the response time. In tennis, football, hockey and other outdoor sports, this can affect the performance of individual athletes.


An aspect in which the weather also has an influence is injuries. This is especially the case with contact sports. The research agency has done research on this, which shows that there are on average almost 2.5 injuries per match . As a result, important players may be injured in bad weather. If we look at an average winter period, each team can easily sustain 20 injuries.

Dorothy Lagarde