It is a popular pocket games which are played more often to get benefited with rewards and bonuses.

There are so many games under pgslot, in which the first game is Fortune ox this is also a pocket game which was launched by the pocket soft company which is UK based. In this game you need to trigger randomly during any spin if the third and first reel share the same symbol, all reels will automatically respond until you win. This is not the only advantage, if you will succeed to full reels then you will win reward *10 wins too.

In this game the animal of the zodiac which we are celebrating in fortune ox is the ox or a bull. That’s a symbol of patience and stubbornness. He’s also lucky and you will experience it when you will start to play this amazing game on the site of pgslot. There is an image similar to a temple in the background and the color scheme of red and golden is similar from the other Asian slot games. If you will see it deeply you’ll experience that the ox which is animated under the reels has rings both around one horn, his ear and nose is wearing a red style jacket.

Specialty of fortune ox

It has a multiplier feature. Suppose that if your one  reel becomes stacked with the same kind of symbol at all the positions  then your victory will be multiplied by 10 up to your 2000* bet.

The volatility of this game is medium so the frequency and size of victory are evenly and fairly spread. If we talk about the RTP of fortune ox presented by pgslot then it has a quite impressive average of 96.75% return in long term.

You can enjoy this game with lots of profits. It’s a bright and energetic game which is able to engage you with itself for a long duration. Its modern twist and nice feature of bonuses add interesting layers to the game, and its dramatic increase of win is superb. 

Describe the bet and winning size of this game

The bet size can be between 0.02 and 2.00 and the bet amount range could be 20 to 200.00

So without wasting time you are advised to enter into this game as soon as possible to have lots of fun. Which ensures your guaranteed victory and you will not be bored while playing it.






Dorothy Lagarde