Is Online Poker Real or Rigged?

 Is Online Poker Real or Rigged?

No matter if you are an amateur or if you are an expert in the game of poker, when playing online poker, players look for an online site that is genuine and does not cheat or dupe its players. That being said, a lot of people often ask if online poker games are real or if they are rigged and if there’s any real possibility of winning at online poker.

The answer to those questions can be trickier than one may think. To begin with, not all online poker games are rigged and there are genuine poker games on online sites where you can win a great sum of money, just like real poker at a casino. The most important thing here is the credibility, reliability, and reputation of the online poker site you choose.

RajawaliQQ is one of the top-rated, most trusted and highly credible, and genuine online gambling platforms where you can play real money online poker without any worries of being cheated or duped. A reputable site like this makes sure you get a fair and square game like one in real-time, maybe at a casino.

Common Cheats at Online Poker

A good and genuine online gambling site like RajawaliQQ offers a clean and enjoyable poker experience to its players online. However, unlike that, many fraudulent online gambling sites often cheat their players. You must be very careful about such sites. Also, it is not always the online platform itself but also players who cheat at the game.

Here are some common cheats in the world of online poker.


A common practice of fraudulent online gambling sites, hackers posing as players of the game make other genuine players lose the game through different tricks and software manipulations.


Once again employed by fraudulent poker sites on the Internet, these are automated entities playing the game. Generally, they have unreal stats and manage to win every time and every hand.

Action Hands

Another cheating ploy, the action hand is used to increase the action in the game.

Signs of Cheating

Here are a few signs that may indicate that you are at a game where there is cheating and the best thing to do here is leave the site immediately and never return.

  • Numerous and consecutive bad beats.
  • Big bankrolls that equal bigger wins even when they have weak hands.
  • Bad hands making it to big pots consistently.

It’s Not the End of the Road!

All that being said, and taking into account that you may have faced cheating or fraudulent games on some bad online poker sites, it must not be defining your experience of online poker. You can always choose to play some free poker games for a while or switch to other interesting games as well.

Above all, you need to keep in mind that you have to choose a reputable, genuine, and reliable site like RajawaliQQ no matter if it is real money online poker or some other gambling game.

Paul Petersen