– The Easiest Poker Rules – A Guide to Poker – The Easiest Poker Rules – A Guide to Poker

Poker is the world’s most popular recreational card today. Some of the basic rules of the poker game we have updated in this article will give you the best understanding of this card type. We hope our articles will bring you the most useful information today and invite you to follow our article right below.

Basic poker rules

Each poker table can consist of from 2 to 10 people. It depends on the table, but the number of people playing Poker is usually 2 to 6 or 9 people.

There are 4 consecutive rounds in each Poker game. Starting to play each player will be dealt with 2 separate cards. In the next 4 rounds of the game, there will be 5 more cards revealed respectively in the middle of the table.

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During the game, the bet money will be collected into one place. The winner will get all this money.

After these 4 rounds, carry out flip cards. Players will jog on to compare cards with each other. The person with the strongest card wins and money in the pot belongs to this person.

Poker Player’s Choices

  • Fold: You discard a hand that stops playing that game, but wait until the next game. Once you have placed a bet and fold, you lose the stake.
  • Bet: Your first bet when no one has done so is called the bet. The 2nd player will have to bet twice your money. Players from 3rd onwards can bet with 2nd person or higher raise.
  • Raise: This is where the player chooses to increase the bet amount. This also means that the person currently has a pretty high post.
  • All-in: Bet all the money you have. This is a reckless act. Players must have extremely high cards to dare to do this.
  • Call: The player does not raise but only pays the same amount of money as the previous player to continue his round of Poker.
  • Check: You can only make when no one has bet. You also do not bet and wait to see the next person’s action when checking.

The sequence of poker rounds

Each poker game will go through 4 rounds of play. From the first round of dealing is dealing cards to the next round of dealing and finally turning the cards.

  • Round 1: Preflop
  • Round 2. First round of 3 cards
  • Round 3. Divide 4th card together
  • Round 4. The last card is dealt together

After 4 rounds of the game, we will proceed to roll the cards, also known as Poker Player, who holds the strongest hand, and that person will be the winner. Of course, the winner will receive all the money in the pot.


Poker rules are not too difficult to know. You just need to play a lot then you can understand and remember the cards easily. You can find friends for real play or currently, online casinos or card games are available on PC, smartphones. We hope you will always have fun and play these types of cards professionally in the near future. Thank you for spending the time on learning our article: The Easiest Poker Rules – A Guide to Poker.

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