Few thingsto Consider While Gambling 

 Few thingsto Consider While Gambling 

Casinos have become mainstream entertainment universally, but at the end of the day, it is business for the service provider. It appears that casinos are sugar-coated with fun, but the core of the cookie is generating revenue. The houses always have the edge, so be conscious about gambling and play responsibly at fun 88 (ฟัน88), where you can enjoy a huge assortment of quality casino games. The mobile games are fluid and compatible with android, iPhone, and tablets. You can play casino games in the computer browser by logging in to the online portal. If the server is busy, you can log in to an alternative URL. On first registration, you get a welcome bonus of 500 Bhat.

House edge

All games have an intrinsic house edge but a different constitution. Knowing the percentage is crucial to understanding the win potentiality of the specific game. Though in the long run, the house wins, you have a better chance of playing certain casino games. The slot is perhaps the most favored casino game among players globally, but the house edge is on the higher side, around 10%. Card games like blackjack, poker, and bingo come with a significantly lower house edge, approximately 3%. Video poker has a much lower house edge compared to other casino games with 0.46%.

Just the casino games are different, and so are the dealers. To err is human, and the dealers are human beings like the players. One experienced casino floor manager worked in many casinos and identified many slapdash dealers. Observe how the dealer shuffles and deals with the cards. Sometimes they show face-down cards while dishing out. This observation strategy is known as card holing and gives you 6-9% over the house. Casinos want to camouflage these errors as they cost a lot of dollars.

MIT blackjack card counting

You may be familiar with the MIT blackjack card counting group. They made millions of bucks in the 80s and 90s. However, the casino identified their card counting method, and they were banned. If you have mathematical aptitude and count cards mentally, no one can stop you, but if you use some device, then it is not permitted. Casinos are likely to show the exit if they suspect that you are counting cards. To be a proficient card counter, first, you need to understand how to do it, along with mathematical acumen and nerve of steel.


Whenever you enter a traditional casino, know that you are under CCTV surveillance, even if the notice is not displayed on the premises. The security personnel constantly monitor live footage. In premier casinos, there could be twenty thousand hidden cameras. The positive aspect is the security is watertight, reducing the possibility of theft; on the other hand, within the casino, you have no privacy.

But the place is devoid of security cameras, the private poker room. If you are a high roller poker player, be rest assured the private room is not under surveillance. With a glass of champagne, you can enjoy long hours of poker. Find a table where the opponent seems a bit uncomfortable, not acquainted with the ambiance, with the dealer. This gives you a slight edge with fun 88 (ฟัน88).

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